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This e-book, which I have just started writing, is about memories – memories of the old days and how it used to be, as well as a reflection on how my life has changed and moved beyond recognition now.  I am eager to embark on the train journey to see not just how much India has changed but also how my own life has changed.  For one thing, when I was a little girl, I was still at a minor public school, run by Jesuit priests.  This is a mark of how secular India was – we are high caste Hindu Brahmins but my parents (like many others) thought nothing of sending us to a Christian school – they were simply th best educators and I had a wonderful time.

Today, I no longer live in India – I am British, living in Wales; and married to a Scotsman from the Outer Hebrides and together we have triplets.  I have taken them on Indian train journeys too, and I often wonder what they really think of it all! 

And embarking on a filming trip of a familiar journey is a different enterprise from the regular journey I made on the trains.  But one thing is similar – we will have lots of luggage!  But more of that in the book.  Suffice it to say that I have started writing it, by which I mean I have written a couple of chapters, one which is good and the other absolutely dreadful!  I will soon be putting a link to the chapters; and I would be delighted if you could react to what I have written and help me shape the book.